Miracle at Midlife

A Transatlantic Romance

Miracle at Midlife: A Transatlantic Romance is a memoir chronicling the two-year courtship between a divorced American attorney living on a converted barge in the center of Paris and an empty-nested clinical and research psychologist who works from her home in Connecticut. They conquer challenges of internal demons (mostly hers) and external threats (mostly kids, careers and culture) as they share adventures in their respective worlds and are both transformed as they create a life together. The tensions of their romance, often taking place across six time zones, are captured through fanciful and reflective letters and fax correspondence – flirting, musing, laughing, arguing and, sometimes, whining.

Throughout their journey, stories of courage, joy and integrity bring hope and delight to those who wonder how romantic love appears and evolves; inspiration to people in mid-life who, knowingly or unknowingly, have completed a chapter in their lives and are ready to move on; and comfort to anyone who longs to wrestle and conquer the demons of fear, born of history or of the unknown, and win. Testimony that love is real.

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About Roni Beth Tower

Roni Beth Tower earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from Yale and later cross-trained at Yale Medical School, studying closeness in married couples. Now a retired psychotherapist and professor, she and her husband live in Tarrytown, New York, near their six grandchildren and airports that can regularly return them to Paris.

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REMARKABLE! Roni Beth Tower starts with that most romantic ideal – an unexpected romantic encounter in Paris – and completely rediscovers and re-creates her own life as a result. In prose both literary and analytic, she glides us through this whirlwind courtship, which upends not only her own life, but those of so many around her: her grown children, her patients, her friends, and of course David, the gentleman in question, and his own family. Throughout this remarkable life transformation, Roni Beth remains a clear-eyed observer of this phenomenal occurrence, the chance for not just love, but a bold new chapter in one’s own life story. A thrilling story from beginning to end, one that reads like a beautiful novel.

Jack Thomas, Broadway Producer

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