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Contemplating Valentine’s Day, 2018….

Source: bngdesigns/Pixabay Valentine's Day evokes all kinds of feelings in people, often those drawn from childhood memories or internalized from commercial messages. To take another look at the complex emotions involved, read my recent post on "Life, Refracted" at

Showing Love to Myself by Honoring a Commitment

Source: sasint/Pixabay As 2017 drew to a close, I contemplated the last of "52 Ways to Show I Love You".  The year had offered opportunities to explore so many facets of love and ways to express it.  I felt profoundly grateful, but also ready to move on.  There were so many other things I wanted to say - about love and loving, about gratitude for a life of living and learning lessons (some of them quite challenging), about [...]

Show Love by Getting Ready for Change Together

Source: Kaz/Pixabay   When we or someone we love faces a change of role, of home, or of responsibilities, we can show love by preparing for changes together.  In a unique way, getting ready makes you ready.  Whether you chose an approach that is driven by an ultimate destination or one that evolves organically, you honor your relationship when you navigate the transition collaboratively.  To read more, see my post in "Life, Refracted" on by clicking here. [...]

Change Brings Its Own Demands

Source: Rawpixel/Pixabay Throughout our lives, conditions inside us, around us, and in the larger world can demand that we change in response to shifts that occur.  Such changes present unique challenges to love relationships. Read my 51st post in "52 Ways to Show I Love You" on "Life, Refracted" at by clicking here.

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To Show Love, Receive With Grace

Source: BattershellTactical/Pixabay So often our early experiences interfere with responding to others in a fully open way, free of distortions or interpretations that have little or nothing to do with their intentions.  Similarly, our emotions can cloud and misdirect our responses to the gifts of others.  To consider how we can best receive offerings from those we love, read my post from "Life Refracted" on by clicking here.

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Show Love by Providing Pleasure

Source: Mariolh/Pixabay When we feel an impulse to bring a loved one a gift, heightened consciousness can help us make a perfect choice.  To examine types of gifts your might consider, your reasons for wanting to offer it, and the impact you hope it will have, read this post from "Life, Refracted" on by clicking here.

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Try these tips when someone threatens your couple

Source: GoranH/Pixabay After discussing what might motivate a person to interfere with your couple or disturb your tranquility (click here), I explored the way that those motives might become translated into behaviors (click here).  To examine how you might identify such a threat and approach dealing with it, see "Learn how to deal with people toxic to your couple" by reading this post from "Life, refracted" in by clicking here.

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Beware Behaviors that can Threaten a Love Relationship!

Source: Olichel/Pixabay Understanding the motivations of those who may threaten a love relationship is one thing.  Common motives are described here. Identifying behaviors through which those motives are expressed is a separate task.  To review a list of behaviors that can undermine the integrity of a couple, create conflict within it, or derail one partner with resulting damage to the couple relationship, read my post from "Life, Refracted" on by clicking here.

What Motivates Those Who Threaten Your Relationship?

Source: cocoparisienne/Pixabay When a third-party behaves in ways that challenge your couple, begin by considering possible motivations that may have set their behaviors in motion.  To consider several of the most common ones that can result in destructive responses, read this post from's "Life, Refracted" by clicking here.

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Find the Silver Lining

Source: geralt/pixabay   Life does indeed have negative experiences and too much negativity can challenge our relationships. The good news is that negative experiences can be transformed.  Consider taking a new look at moments that have nothing to do with us, times we misunderstand one another, our underlying assumptions, and ways in which we may assign blame.  To read about these examples and some ways to approach them, read my post on's "Life, Refracted" by clicking here. [...]

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