Today, I am delighted to wish you a Happy New Year.  May the year 2017 bring you excellent health, many joys, and the very brightest of discoveries.  I am also delighted to share my first column for “52 Ways to Show I Love You”, written for my blog on Psychology Today, “Life, Refracted“.  You can sign up to receive the column directly from Psychology Today on that page or on my own website.  If you sign up to automatically receive posts through my own, sometimes more personal, blog,”Love is Real”, on, you should automatically also receive the weekly Sunday articles from the Psychology Today site.  The electronics learning curve for this woman of another generation has been steep, so please be patient if it takes a few weeks to get everything running smoothly.

But for a first try, here we go!  The first post is on “Celebrating” and, if you click on this link, you should find it instantly!