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As 2017 drew to a close, I contemplated the last of “52 Ways to Show I Love You”.  The year had offered opportunities to explore so many facets of love and ways to express it.  I felt profoundly grateful, but also ready to move on.  There were so many other things I wanted to say – about love and loving, about gratitude for a life of living and learning lessons (some of them quite challenging), about the joys of discovering new sources, targets for, and ways to explore loving as my life sped toward the middle of its current decade.   I will probably not write as frequently for “Life, Refracted” in as I turn to topics like yoga, being a grandmother, Paris, and my most personal and amazing mid-life (now a wonderful late-life) love.  Hopefully the essays will find other sources to reach people who might be inspired or entertained or even informed.  I will also share them with you, my most loyal readers, on “Love is Real”.  For today, find the December 31, 2017 post on “Life, Refracted” for by clicking here.